"Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Coast"

Orcas Totem.gif - 42.66 K

"Orcas of Queen Charlotte's Isle"

(9-1/4 x 26-1/4 dotclear.gif - 0.0 K drawing time-182 hours)

Limited Edition Print - $95

I had wanted to do a drawing of killer whales for some time. They are beautiful, powerful, and intelligent creatures and they deserve to be depicted in a very unique way. When I became interested in Northwest Coast art, that way became apparent - I would combine both the physical and the spiritual nature of the orca into one.

"Orcas" blends the styles of the Haida and primarily the Kwakiutl with the natural form of the whale. You will find totems of bear, wolf (orcas are thought to be ocean going versions of the wolf), beaver, and human. Designs utilizing variations of the ovoid, u, and s forms add symmetry to the body shapes.

The whales themselves are done with pen and ink while the background is pencil. Believe it or not, the pencil was by far the most difficult part.

Signed and numbered prints are available in a limited edition of 650 with 50 artist proofs. Thanks for your interest and feel free to let me know what you think of "Orcas" via e-mail.

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