"Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest"

Pheasants - 42.39 K
"Autumn Thunder"

Ring-neck Pheasant

(pen and inkdotclear.gif - 0.0 K15 x 19dotclear.gif - 0.0 KDrawing time-424 hours)

Limited Edition Print - $85 U.S.

Anyone who has seen a rooster ring neck pheasant will tell you how brilliantly colored they are and yet it is amazing how well they can hide from you when they don't want to be found. Imagine you are one of their natural predators such as a fox or coyote. By taking the color out of the scene, this is what you might see. Instead of the myriad of colors you would see an incredible variety of shades and patterns; feathers that closely resemble the leaves and brush that provide the pheasant with natural camoflage. Nature is incredible!

This striking "in your face" view of flushing pheasant won a Best of Show at the National Wildlife art show and was a real challenge to draw. It is available as a signed and numbered limited edition of 650 prints.

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