"Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Coast"
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While I can't classify myself as famous, I have been around the block a few times so my work has achieved some degree of notoriety. I don't exhibit at the "big deal" shows anymore simply because I've learned they are more about politics than art. I prefer to deal with real people because, in my opinion, connecting with someone on an artistic level means a great deal more than any award. Here are comments from some of them along with the more official kudos.

"Both prints arrived in good condition. They're fabulous and look even better than I imagined. Finding your gallery online is about the best thing I have had use for on the internet." David Cullinan - Mountain View, Ca.

"The sockeye print is stunning. It's a wonderful addition to my collection and I can't thank you enough. A. Wiseman - Fort William, Scotland

"I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the artwork I ordered. It's great to have it on the wall since I'm amazed at how many little details you notice when you can see it all the time. I've had plenty of compliments from everyone in the office." Brad Bowlin - Eugene,Oregon

"The prints arrived in good condition. I really am impressed. Clearly your devotion to the subject shows in the detail and care with which you have tried to capture the essence of these wonderful birds." John Nelson - New Zealand

""I received your print in the mail and it's stunning! I can't wait to get it framed and I hope to add more." Janice Smith - Kingston, Wa.

"Thank you! I really love this print and it will look great over my fireplace." Kristina Cliver - Westville, New Jersey

"We received the salmon print today and as expected, we fell in love with it again. Thank you for sending it out as soon as you received my e-mail." Kari Bowers Medina - Raton, N.M.

 13.7 K-Alaskan and Pacific Northwest Art
  • "Idaho Travelers"-Exhibited at the National Museum of American Art 1983-84

  • National Museum of American Art: Featured in the "Sawtooths and Other Ranges of Imagination" exhibit at the Smithsonian (1983-84)

  • Best of Show:National Wildlife Art Show (1983)

  • Overall Best of Show:National Wildlife Art Show (1984)

  • Finalist:Federal Duck Stamp Competition (1984)

  • Overall Best of Show:Oklahoma Wildlife Art Festival (1985)

  • Best of Show:National Wildlife Art Collectors Society (1985)

  • Best of Show:M.A.M.A. Art Festival (1987)

  • Best of Show:Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens (1988)

  • Finalist:Federal Duck Stamp Competition (1988)

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum:Featured in "Birds In Art" exhibition (1987)

  • Boise Art Museum:Featured in Idaho Biennial Exhibit (1987)

  • Boise Art Museum:Featured in Idaho Biennial Exhibit (1987)

  • Featured Artist:Nightwalker Exhibition (1997)

  • Featured Artist: U.S.Embassy-Kinshasa-Republic of the Congo, Africa 2006-08

    Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • Gallery 601 (Boise, Id.) Ongoing 2001

  • Bellevue Art Festival (Bellevue, Wa.) July 2001

    Other Stuff:

    Drawings and articles I've written have appeared in the book Drawing From Nature and Wildlife Art News magazine. They have also appeared on the covers of Outdoor America, Idaho Wildlife,and The Idaho Sportsman.

    Exhibitions include the following:

    Easton Waterfowl Festival-Maryland / Southeastern Wildlife Exposition-South Carolina / National Wildlife Art Show-Missouri / National Wildlife Art Collectors Society Show-Minnesota / Northeastern Wildlife Art Festival-New York / Pacific Flyway Show-California / Leigh Yawkey Woodson "Birds In Art"-Wisconsin / Oklahoma Wildlife Art Show / Kansas Wildlife Art Show / Illinois Wildlife Art Show / Idaho Wildlife Art Show

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