"Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest"

NorthernLightsF.gif - 34991 Bytes
"Northern Lights" Common Loon

(pen and inkdotclear.gif - 0.0 K8 x 16)

Limited Edition Print - $75 U.S.

Have you ever seen an oceanliner cruising through the calm black of night; tiny lights peeking out from each porthole. That's what this piece reminds me of.

There is a lot of subtle drama here as the loon rises from the water - protecting his territory or perhaps just taking a stretch. Although this looks a lot like scratchboard, it is totally pen and ink and was the first I had done of this type of drawing. Hope you enjoy it - I did. "Northern Lights" is available as a signed and numbered limited edition of 650 prints.

(Click below to order and please, let me know what you think via e-mail.)

Note - The resolution setting on your computer may be keeping you from seeing this drawing as it actually is. The background for the drawing should be a solid deep black so if that is not what you are seeing, adjust your monitor's resolution to a darker setting. It's easy to do and you will like the difference you see.

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