"Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Coast"

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"Sun Totem"

(acrylic/stain on wood 30 1/2 x 27)

Original - $1,850 U.S.

Legend has it that many years ago the world was dark because an old man kept the sun hidden in a box. Raven "the trickster" was not pleased because he kept bumping into things in the dark and set out to steal the sun from the old man. It was not an easy thing to accomplish and took quite some time, but through his talent for trickery he was able to do just that and light was brought to the world.

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This detail gives you a closer look at how this piece was made. The totem is first sketched onto birch and then each piece is cut out, sanded, primed, stained or painted, then varnished. The totem is then reassembled on the painted masonite. Abalone pieces and hand-beaten copper are inset in the rays and in the circle for decoration. It is framed using a satin black moulding without glass.

These totems have a very contemporary look while owing their origins to traditional design structures, primarily those of the Haida and Tlingit. With proper lighting, the raised pieces have a very dramatic effect.

This technique is perfect for artwork needed for large home areas and corporate settings. They can be made to fit virtually any size requirements and take approximately 3 weeks to construct. Special considerations can also be made for any personal preferences. Feel free to contact me via e-mail for further information and I'll answer any questions you may have.

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