"Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Coast"

SunoftheFirstNationsF.gif - 36.30 K
"Sun of the First Nations"

(pen&ink/acrylic 11 1/2 x 11 1/2)

drawing time - 150 1/2 hours

Original - $2,500 U.S

Limited Edition Prints - $75 U.S

The sun plays a prominent role in many cultures and that holds true for the "First Nations" of the northwest coast. One story tells of an old man who kept the sun hidden in a box. Through trickery, the cunning Raven stole the sun and flew with it into the sky where it has been shining ever since. To some the sky was a vast glorious country. The Sun chief lived there and visitors could reach it by climbing a chain of arrows and return by sliding down on one of the long rays.

"Sun of the First Nations" gives the viewer a glimpse of the Sun chief in a classic Northwest Coast style. Each of the primary rays extending from the face contains a symbolic representation of the moon as part of a well-balanced design.

SunoftheFirstNationsDetail.gif - 35.03 K

The black and red for this piece make a striking combination. The red is done in acrylic with black ink stippled in for shading. The detail shows the intricacy of these hand-placed dots of ink and how they achieve not only a soft texture but a three-dimensional quality as well.

"Sun of the First Nations" is available in a signed and numbered, limited edition of 750 with 50 artist proofs.

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